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What is a Lipspeaker?

Lipspeakers are used by Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people who use Lipreading as their first means of communication with other people.

A Lipspeaker repeats a speaker's message to Lipreaders accurately, without using their voice. They produce clearly the shape of words, the flow, rhythm and phrasing of natural speech and repeat the stress as used by the speaker.

The Lipspeaker also uses facial expressions, natural gesture and finger spelling (if requested) to aid the Lipreader's understanding.

Lipspeakers may be used in a range of situations for example:

  • Education
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Training courses
  • Job interviews

Some Lipspeakers are also especially trained in medical or legal work.

For more information

Contact: - Email Maggie Short

Or The Association of Lipspeakers: - Email

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