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to help manage
Communication with others

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Maggie Short

Are you finding it difficult to hear?

Do you find people no longer speak clearly?

Learning to Lipread will help

Lipreading is an aid to communication for Deaf and hard of hearing people. Lipreading classes help regain confidence and lessen the feelings of isolation that so often come with hearing loss.

Most people misunderstand deafness.
Its invisible and doesn't change the way you appear to other people, but it can change the way you feel.

You may:

  • Feel excluded from everyday activities and conversations
  • Find it difficult to cope in some situations
  • Feel frustrated when trying to communicate with people around you

Deafness undermines confidence and independence and the effects permeate all aspects of a person's life

Read more about Lipreading from the links and find out how to join a lipreading class to help you learn.
There are classes in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Devon.


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